Episode 13: Clément Blanchet

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Clément Blanchet is a French architect, teacher and critic, actively practicing in the fields of architectural theory, urbanism and cultural investigations. After working for over 10 years with Rem Koolhaas as Associate and then Director of OMA France, Clément Blanchet in 2014 founded his own firm, Clement Blanchet Architecture, CBA, in Paris. 

The studio is an international architecture and urban design practice which bridges together multidisciplinary and multicultural actors. The mission is to rethink architecture and urbanism to derive clear, durable and coherent solutions, informed by diverse points of view. Structured as a laboratory, CBA investigates the process of analysis of context and data, with a concern towards ecology and environment, to confer robust projects across multiple scales and typologies.

Clement will talk to us about some of his recent projects, ecology and competitions, as a way to experiment with ideas, not afraid to learn from ‘failures’, an incentive to perseverate with a good dose of tenacious commitment, not seeking an alignment with homologation, a common trend of today’s society.


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