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Laura Iloniemi, native Finnish, is an expert for communication in the field of architecture. She has worked with architects for over twenty years, advising them on how to lead and support their promotional efforts with a curatorial approach, informed by her education in architectural theory and museology. 

She focuses on the branding aspects, starting from the identity of the architect and their practices since marketing - knowing how to sell yourself - seems to have become an absolute essential after the various crises in the building industry. (what makes it very interesting to talk to her in this special moment). Laura is author of several important books. Her first one, written in times where nobody seemed to be aware of the power of images, in 2004, with the compelling title “Is it all About Image?: How PR works in Architecture”, while “The Identity of the Architect: Culture and Communication” she guest-curated for Wiley, was published in 2019.

She will share her insights into the world of architectural communication.


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