EPISODE 3: Jinhee Park

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Jinhee Park is the founder of SsD (Single Speed Design), a New York based small studio with an office in Seoul, that focuses on architecture and urbanism. Harvard Master Graduate, she received a B.F.A. in Industrial Design from Seoul National University, currently is Adjunct Professor at Columbia GSAPP and from 2009-13 Design Critic in Architecture at the Harvard GSD, beyond been Visiting Professor in many other Institutes. Important recognitions have so far emphasized the originality of her research and her works have been widely published in authoritative media such as Metropolis, Dwell, Architectural Record, the New Yorker.
Our new guest will fill the atmosphere of this new encounter with her energetic and extremely vibrant character. Beyond her apparent docile compliance, which is a bit a characteristic from her Asian origins, she hides an iron will and an extremely resolute character. Very talented and endowed with great originality and analytical skills she has achieved prestigious awards at a very young age, as AIA Young Architects Award, Emerging Voices Award and the Young Architects Forum Award by the Architectural League of N.Y. and the honour to be mentioned on some of the most authoritative architectural magazines.

She will tell us about micro-housing and ‘spaces in between’, a topic she has always dealt with since the beginning, facing the crucial problem of living space in our contemporary crowded metropoleis. Environmental sustainability in a tropical country will be another interesting point that will be touched in our virtual chat.


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